Short Shot is the little brother of Long Shot. It's is basically a scaled down version of Long Shot. It has the multi chined (round) hull shape instead of a single hard chine which lowers the resistance and makes it easier to paddle and faster.

The styling has been revised to make it look more Greenland-ish. Short Shot has a Stability Factor of 93 that same as Long Shot. It should feel more stable than the number implies. If you have paddled much at all I think you will find this very comfortable. If you are a new paddler it may feel a bit twitchy but you should adapt to it very quickly. With the seat we recommend your sitting very low and that keeps the CoG low.

The boat has lower initial stability, meaning it feels a little unstable but once you lean it just a little the secondary stability take hold it and you feel the boat 'tighten' up, so to speak. Short Shot turns very well and course corrections are easy as leaning the boat.

All figures based on a 250 lb total displacement
Length over all * 16' 7" ft.     *     Beam overall * 23" ” ft

Design draft 4 inches     *     Displacement 250 lbs
Waterline length 15' 8.5";     *     Waterline beam 21";
Prismatic coefficient 0.553     *     Stability Factor 93
Max displacement 325 lbs